Anonymous Goons Society

Anonymous Goons Society Whitepaper

Welcome to the Anon Goons Society.

The Goons Society is a powerful, community driven empire offering a full custom suite of unique tools useable, by traders, DAO's, and collectors to improve their web3 experience by adding autonomous protocols, and dapps that function without user input/output making the experience smoother, and more versatile when it comes to interacting with the Solana blockchain while being the FIRST 'PARTICIPATE TO EARN' collection in existence. Our elite society doesn't end there. Hold one of our Goon or GEN 0 NFTs to enter a world of, games, challenges and passive income opportunities within our society, all payed out in $Solana. Of all the tools, incentives, and games we are building; you the reader - the investor - the community - will be the STRONGEST, and most POWERFUL thing we build so read on, and let us explain to you in detail, all of the things you have to look forward to as a Goon-within the society, and how they will work, and benefit you - the holder.
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