Where is the revenue coming from in order to remain sustainable?
Our core revenue stream will come from offering our pre-built utility solutions, as well as our full suite of custom development options to other DAO's and projects. As Web3 is evolving at a rapid pace, so are we. The services, and Web3 solutions that we offer will continue to grow as Web3 demands more, and more use case as time goes on. Of course we can build the regular old joe blow apps. Staking? Raffles? Mutations? Smart contracts? Mint websites? Yeah we know about it, and we have already built it for other projects, and have proven our products to be top-notch! To date, the Goons Society has brought in just over 200 SOL pre-mint from developing for other projects! This is just the start. We will seek to build out massive use-case apps, and protocols that are demanded by the industry. Things that are turn-key, out of the ordinary. Why? Simply because we can, and because people need them. Web3 development is one of the most in demand services in the Solana eco-system and is proven to generate mass income through bull and bear markets. We will be adding a 'UTILITY SOLUTIONS' section to find out more on what kind of utility we have available for other projects to offer their communities. Our second revenue stream will come from the DAO wallet - which we will use to flip/mint hyped projects backed by a team of reputable alpha callers, and traders. A portion of this wallet will be held in a variety of different coins as a hedge to the NFT market to ensure sustainability, as well as liquidity access at all times, in the event it is needed. Our third revenue stream will come from our merchandise and brand products which we will expand on as our brand, and identity grow in the Web3 space. From previously running a clothing company, the access to high-end quality, and fashion influencers is at the tip of our fingers, and just waiting to be utilized. The forth revenue stream may be the biggest. But it's a surprise for now. Keep reading.
Last modified 4mo ago