To date we've accomplished a lot. So what's next?
Well unlike most projects, we've built our roadmap without funding, and actually have brought in over 200 SOL in revenue from building for other projects before mint simply because we aren't like the rest. We have the skills and knowledge on hand to allow us to operate this way, and we will continue to do so. At the end of the day this is a business, and revenue generation is key for sustainability, and success moving forward. We are paving the way for just that, and allowing holders access to a portion of the revenue through participation in tons of different ways. The next steps are solely focused on building out our community, building brand awareness, marketing our Web3 solutions to the Solana ecosystem, and continuing to bring an ever evolving, and sustainable adventure through the Solana ecosystem that you can feel apart of, and be rewarded along the way. As our community outreach and voice grow, so will our stream of revenue. We will continue to add new revenue streams to the Goons Society as we expand our business into IRL applications, and add more, and more projects to our balance sheet. Those of you who are smart enough to read through the lines on that last point will be rewarded as this brings us back to revenue stream #4. Soon you will find out. Until then. Join us as we pave the way with a new vision for the future of our Society.
Last modified 5mo ago