So I can earn money around here? How do I do it?
The Goons Society will pivot the way passive income is spread out amongst holders. For those of you who like to sit back, and just hold your investments, we have a P2E idle staking game just for you. For those of you who want to take it a step further, and up your passive income game, we have set-up a system in which allows us to reward holders based on their contribution in the Goons Society. So how will we earn? All passive income opportunities outside of our staking game will be solely effort based, and optional, however here's how you can do it! A detailed article around our raid to earn, collab to earn, and referral program will be released prior to the launch of the applications themselves. RAID TO EARN COLLAB TO EARN UTILITY SOLUTIONS REFERAL PROGRAM (RECEIVE 10% OF THE TOTAL REVENUE BROUGHT IN) PARTICIPATE IN COMMUNITY GAME NIGHTS, AND COMPETITIONS VENTURE OUT ON QUESTS AND MISSIONS THROUGH WEB3 TO FIND HIDDEN OPPORTUNITIES.