What does this mean to our holders?
Holders will gain access into a full suite of Web 3 tools, and solutions to make life in the NFT and Web3 space easier to navigate, while also being able to participate in the full on DEGEN side of the project. Here are some of the things you have to look forward to in the beginning days aside from endless passive income opportunities. Each form of utility below, will have it's own separate article regarding all of the details, and how it is used, as we roll each of them out to prevent confusion. RAFFLE HOUSE P2E IDLE STAKING CHANCE GAME TRADING/SNIPING DASHBOARD ANALYTICAL TOOLS RAID TO EARN SYSTEM 1 OF 1 AUCTIONS ALPHA ALPHA ALPHA WALLET/ME LISTING TRACKERS CMV2 SCRAPER ENDLESS GAMES AND COMPETITIONS QUESTS, AND MISSIONS ACCESS TO METAVERSE LAND
Last modified 5mo ago